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The ISO 4 machine is intended for the blowing of all mineral fibers (glass and rock).

The machine is compact and easy to transport, rugged and simple to maintain. It is ideal for the insulation of attic areas.

Blowing Machine ISO 4
Usage : Professional contractor
Motor : 13 HP gasoline
Weight : 120 kgs
Fibre rate : 20 m3/h or 350 kg/h


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Additional Information

Height : 106 cm
Length : 90 cm
Width : 80 cm
Weight : 120 kg
Motor :  13 HP gasoline
Max. change of lever : 20 m
Wool pipe : Ø100 mm
Starting : Manuel
Fiber rate : 20 m3/h or 350 kg/h
Max. tube lente : 40 m

All kinds of applications are allowed thanks to ISOLFRANCE machinery:

  • Blowing on attics floors, roofspace (loft insulation)
  • Insufflation in chimneys (flues), ventilation ducts, wall injection, under the floor insulation, metal framework insufflation, roof inclines insufflation, and ships and refineries insulation (insufflation within casings)
  • Wet-spraying insulation of ventilation ducts, ceilings, walls and underside floor
  •  Suction of blown insulation in the attics, deflocking, old blown or wet-sprayed insulation _ And even filling of decorative elements (cuddly toys)

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