The ISO MINI S machine is intended for the spraying and injection (insufflation) of glass rock, ceramic fibers and pulverizable products having low density, such as vermiculite etc.

ISO Minijet S, built and machined of welded metal, it is mounted on wheels for easy movement. There is a safety pedal for filling the machine without stopping its operation. The machine is very economical in terms of electrical consumption and can be connected to any 200 V outlet.

It is so compact that it can be transported without a truck or van.

Usage : Professional contractor
Electric power supply motor : 4 kW, 230 V, single phase 16A
Weight : 85 kgs
Supply:  2 turbines



Additional Information

Size (cm) : 90cm x 42cm x 127cm
Weight : 85 kg
Supply:  2 turbines
Air (m3/h): 150 to 400
Air (millibar) : 100 to 300
Electric power supply motor : 4 kW, 230 V, single phase 16A
Spraying flow rate (kg/min) : 0 to 6 by electric variator
Inward flow rate (kg/h) : 0 to 200 per variator
Maximum pipe length (m) : 70
Pipe diameter (mm) : Ø60
Max. level difference (m) : 30
Remote control : Automatic
Membrane water pump :
– Max. flow rate: 800 l/h
– Max. pressure: 20 bar
– Electric consumption: 6A

All kinds of applications are allowed thanks to ISOLFRANCE machinery:

  • Blowing on attics floors, roofspace (loft insulation)
  • Insufflation in chimneys (flues), ventilation ducts, wall injection, under the floor insulation, metal framework insufflation, roof inclines insufflation, and ships and refineries insulation (insufflation within casings)
  • Wet-spraying insulation of ventilation ducts, ceilings, walls and underside floor
  •  Suction of blown insulation in the attics, deflocking, old blown or wet-sprayed insulation _ And even filling of decorative elements (cuddly toys)

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