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 The ISO 5 machine is intended for removing all types of blown insulation and for recycling wet spray.

Built and machined of welded steel, it is mounted on wheels for easy movement.

The ISO 5 vacuum is designed with a steel fan and chamber, powered by a rugged KOHLER 9,5 HP gas engine. It allows autonomy and efficiency to your work.

Vacuum Machine ISO 5

USAGE: Professional contractor
Engine: Thermal engine KOHLER 9,5 HP gasoline
VACUUM RATE: Up to 300 kgs/h (all types of blown insulation)
Weight: 80 kgs



Additional Information

Size (cm): Long. 60 cm / larg. 100 cm / ht. 50 cm
Weight: 80 kg
Motor: Thermal engine KOHLER 9,5 HP gasoline
Maximum tube length: 30 m
Hose Diameter: Ø100 mm
Maximum change of level: 20 m
Vacuum rate: Up to 300 kgs/h (All types of blown insulation)
BIG BAGS effective load : 150 kgs


The new ISO big bag is especially designed to be used with our ISO 5 suction machine.
It allows collection of worn insulation products that are removed from attics.
The ISO big bag is reusable, easy to handle thanks to its 4 lift straps, and the bagging head offers an optimum ease of operation. No dust produced, whatever insulation fiber is sucked.

Dimensions (cm) : 95 x 95 x 140
Unit price : 20€

Big Bag

All kinds of applications are allowed thanks to ISOLFRANCE machinery:

  • Blowing on attics floors, roofspace (loft insulation)
  • Insufflation in chimneys (flues), ventilation ducts, wall injection, under the floor insulation, metal framework insufflation, roof inclines insufflation, and ships and refineries insulation (insufflation within casings)
  • Wet-spraying insulation of ventilation ducts, ceilings, walls and underside floor
  •  Suction of blown insulation in the attics, deflocking, old blown or wet-sprayed insulation _ And even filling of decorative elements (cuddly toys)